Natural Colorant

I was asked by friend if it possible for me to make her some facial soap bar with clay and I said yes.

I embank on the research of different types of clay, benefit of clays to the skin,to the  body and environment. 

I decided to trial Cambrian Blue Clay, Australian Black Clay,Australian Blue Clay,Rhaussoul Clay,Australian Red Reef Clay,French Green Clay,Dead Sea mud and Brazilian Purple and Yellow Clay. 

I will be using essential oil for the soap and also Goat’s Milk instead of water.

Detox Soap 

​Evening to you all.😄I make  a new soap today .

Volcanic Ash & Activated Charcoal facial soap which can also be used all over the body.

Volcano Ash have been used for centuries to bringing beauty and glow to the Skin. Benefit of volcano ash on the skins extended to the treatment of variety of infection on the skins due to the fact that it contains antibacterial,anti-viral ,anti-yeast and it overall disinfectant qualities. It is high in sulphur. 

Volcano ash does not dissolved in water making it fantastic mild exfoliating in soap. It especially good for oily skin. It have been claimed to  help with treatment of skin rashes,cellulite,blemishes,eczema,acne. 

Activated Charcoal is another additive added to my soap base which I used as a colorants for this soap as well as exfoliating. It helps to deep cleaning the skin.

Contain: organic oil and  butter  with essential oil. 

Red Palm Oil Soap Bar. 

Hi everyone .Red palm oil is one favourite oil in cooking some West Africa cuisine with green leaves and smoked fish.

Red palm oil is also used in bathing new born baby before the naming in some parts of Nigeria. 

Today I am making red palm oil soap using 5% red palm oil or butter as some called it.I realise that more than make the bubble coloured and this may stain clothing. 

Red palm oil soap

Organic Aleppo Soap 

I have read so many comments and benefits of Laurel Berry Fruit Oil and how it’s have used in making soap for  centuries with olive oil within the Middle Eastern Asia and the benefits of this oil on the  skins specially for treating  some skin problems such as acne,asthma,influenza,rashes,dry skin,psoriasis and bacteria infection. 

It is claimed that if used as massage oil it will  provide  comfort for people who suffer from muscle pain,sore joint and rheumatism. 

As I mentioned in my first post, I like to try different types oils so am going to share my experience with making Aleppo Soap using laurel Berry Fruit Oil that I  ordered from Turkey from small sustainable supplier.

First of all,this  oil is quite pricey I paid $100 just for 2litres to the UK. I am not selling my soap yet. 

Making aleppo Soap with cold process method using 30% laurel berry fruit oil and organic extra virgin Olive oil and unscented. Due to strong scent of medicinal herb or strong wooden scent of  laurel berry fruit oil there no point to used  any fragrance. 

This soap will need to cured for a minimum of six months. I have made this in September 2016. I will patiencely wait until  June 2017 but I tried this soap want to wait a little longer than six months before I tried it out .

I am a beginner in Soap making. 

I am a beginner  in Soap making have been making cold process handmade soap since August 2013 as an hobby off and on. Recently I have been making cold process method  soap regularly since May 2016, as well as Melt and pour soap. 

I  like to try different types of oils and butters from all over the world as experiment, such as ghee butter ,murumuru,african nutmeg, Illippe,kokum,ucuuba,cupuacu ,bacuri,Shea,mango,cocoa butter,marula oil,babassu oil,Baobab oil,red palm oil. 

I used mostly organic oil and butter and when palm oil are used they are purchased from sustainable suppliers. 

I also like to used infused oil with herbs  and clays as a colorants for my soap. Some of mine  soap  also used fresh fruit juice which I  do with my juicer myself or Bitter and even  wine.

Amber (bitter) with Lemongrass Soap.